Continually learning, observing and absorbing; drawing energy from my particular surroundings to evoke a sense of place and contemplation is my aim.

Initially I draw in sketchbooks wherever I may be; beach, land or woodland, visually and literally notetaking, Plus although I do not work directly from photographs, the camera and digital manipulations of an image are becoming an increasingly more important aspect of my work. It enables me to study the minutae of nature and the usually unobserved, the structure of a seed head, the line and textures within a rock or pebble; looking deeper and deeper into the surface to discover the abstract.

Pimarily I choose collage to interpret my thoughts and drawings. It enable me to use a variety of media including recycled & handmade papers, water based inks & paints, charcoal & found objects.

Words are a vital part of the work though they are often hidden deep into the piece asking the viewer to look for them and the hidden meaning of what can initially appear to be a very quiet work. Inside it is shouting  'really look at me, I have so many stories to tell'.

It is a given that we draw on nature, how can we not? As humans we are nature, it is all around us, it feeds us physically, spiritually and emotionally. This then begs the question why are we, as humans, increasingly taking it for granted, ignoring it's vitality & destroying it & the climate by the overuse of man made materials, fossil fuels and unsustainable living. Finding ways to express this are of growing importance to me as time moves on. I intend that my work becomes an extension to my voice. However quiet they both may be in this  world of sensory pollution.




  • 'Just Looking' solo exhibition Stamford Contemporary Art, Stamford, Lincolnshire February - March 2020
  • Applied for 40th Mini Print Internacional de Cadaquès plus tour June commencing in Cadaquès June 2020
  • 'Words & Birds' Solo, site specific exhibition in celebration f the Poet John Clare. John Clare Cottage, Helpston Cambridgeshire, July -September 2020
  • Peterborough Open Studios June - July 2020


  • 39th Mini Print Internacional de Cadaquès plus tour June-September 2019 Gallerie Taller Fort Cadaquès, Sapin plus tour
  • Peterborough Open Studio July 2019
  • Winter @the Garden Studio December 2018
  • Red Dot Mini Print 2017 - 18. 2018 - 19 Touring UK
  • 38th Miniprint International Cadaquès Spain June 18 - January 19 including tour to UK & France
  • Gallery Stamford November - December 2017
  • Open Studio PAOS June - July 2018
  • Open Studio PAOS July 2017
  • Miniprint Internacional de Cadaquès 37 2017 Gallerie Taller Fort, Cadaqués Spain July - September plus continuing tour in UK, Barcelona and France  until January  2018
  • Lemon Arts Talented Art Fair, Brick Lane London March 2017
  • Black Mango 'Chester Art Fair' Chester Racecourse November 2016
  • Miniprint Internacional de Cadaquès 2016 and associated tour in UK, Spain & France June 2016 - January 2017
  • Hampstead Affordable Art Fair with The Mint Gallery - Hampstead - London - June 16th - 19th
  • Global Art Agency - Oxford International Art Fair - Oxford Town Hall - February 26th 27th & 28th 2016
  • Open Studio November 2016
  • 'Art Windows' Street Gallery - Iron Monger St - Stamford Lincolnshire - October 2015 - January 2016
  •  New Artists' Fair - Brick Lane, London September 2015
  • Miniprint International de Cadaques, June-September 2015 and on tour 2015-2016.
  • ‘Fabric of the Earth’ solo exhibition Peterborough City Gallery & Museum October ~ November 2014
  • ‘Open Garden Exhibition’ solo exhibition in combination with NGS Open Garden ~ June 2013 ~ June & September 2014
  • ‘On Site’ at Swaddy Well with View 5 ~ June 2013 ~ July 2014 ~ July 2015
  • ‘On Site’ at Torpel Manor with View 5 ~ July & December 2014
  • Peterborough Open, Peterborough Museum and Gallery ~ September - November 2012
  • Last Picture Show Gallery, Holt, Norfolk ~ September - October 2012
  • Annakin Gallery, Helpston ~ May 2012
  • Peterborough Open Studios ~ 2004 - 2015
  • John Clare Festival - July 2010 - 2012
  • View 5 @ ‘The Old Still’ - October 2009 to May 2010
  • ‘Coastal Drift’ View 5 show ~ Peterborough Museum Art Gallery, April - May 2010
  • ‘Coastal Drift’ ~The Yarrow Gallery, Oundle Northamptonshire ~ January-February 2010
  • All Sorts Handmade (co-founder) ~ 2006, 2007, 2008 & 2009
  • St Paul’s Church ~ Easter  2008 - October 2010
  • Atelier East ~ Norfolk Summer 2008
  • The Gallery @ ‘The Great Northern Hotel’ - Summer 2008
  • Peterborough Cathedral - 2007


  • Langdyke Countryside Trust ~ January 2012 to present. ~ An on-going project with the View 5 Artists working from the four sites managed by the trust. The project offers a range of inspiration and challenges looking at the social and natural history of the sites to the writings of John Clare and contemporary environmental issues surrounding the sites. The residency has been supported by a series of continuing successful ‘On Site’ exhibitions.
  • Peterborough Museum ~ June 2010 - December 2010  ~  A continuation of ‘The Old Still ‘ project.
  • The Old Still Studio and Gallery ~ October 2009 - May 2010 - An artist lead project to make this former public house into a temporary studio and gallery showcasing the work of View 5 as they prepared for their ‘Coastal Drift’ Exhibition.
  • The project was initially funded by a charitable foundation for the arts for three months but proved so popula,r with the addition of opening the space to other artists, musicians and theatre that it was extended with local authority funding via Vivacity & Peterborough Museum.

Julie, in all honesty, cannot remember a time when she did not draw, it has always been a vital part of her communiction with the world. 

Her career as an artist began with a return to college as a mature student following a successful career in the hair and beauty industry. She initially studied graphic design but was drawn to the freedom of fine art in her foundation year. She also benefitted from studying art history courses with the Open University. She also continued self disciplined study and self teaching and continues to do so/

She turned proffessional in 2004 and since has gone from strength to strength exhibiting widely in the UK, Spain & France

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