Julie is happy to offer drawing tuition and workshops for small groups or on an individual basis in her own studio and garden. Please contact for more details.


In May 2013 Julie became a Life Drawing Tutor at Peterborough City Gallery leading classes with a variety of age groups and skill levels. She continues to expand the classes using a number of drawing techniques relating to the human figure. For more information visit


Julie has worked with several local schools on a number of projects. Working with children from years 3 to 6 she has used her extensive knowledge of drawing techniques to help and encourage the young students. She has also carried out workshops and mentoring for GCSE art students.

Julie says “I like the pupils to end up with a piece of work they are proud of and are happy to take home at the end of the year, possible mounted or framed as inexpensively as possible. I try to make all the workshops as fun and not too messy!! Access to a computer & photocopier can be useful too”.

Julie charges an hourly rate of £25 per hour plus materials. For schools within the Peterborough area there is no charge for travel expenses.

Workshops could involve the following themes.

Developing observational drawing skills

This workshop is adapted to the appropriate year group.  Drawing from a physical object NOT a photograph encouraging the importance of looking in relation to drawing. This can be a whole workshop for a morning or afternoon session or the starting point for continued work.  Julie says “I am a strong believer in drawing being a fundamental necessity as the starting point of all artwork” For older students Julie will encourage the use of sketchbooks and the use of drawing as note taking.

Turning a drawing into a collage

This workshop is a development from the drawing using found & recycled papers, string and wool... anything that will stick with Pritt or PVA.  Adding this workshop will take between 2 - 3 school working days.  Day 1: AM – drawing, PM - simplifying/enlarging the drawing. Days 2 & 3: Interpreting the drawing into the collage.

Simple Printmaking

This workshop is run along the same lines as the collage workshop but showing the possibilities or repeat pattern and production. Cutting stencils. Looking at positive and negative shapes etc.

The work of Artists

This workshop looks at the work of artists.  Julie has a reasonable knowledge of a number of artists and can develop a workshop around looking at their work and ideals. She is always happy to add to that knowledge. There would always be an element of observational drawing involved and a development from that.

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