FROM NATUREine art gallery

Humans are nature, how can we not be moved and nourished by it both physically and visually.

Nature - mixed media, collograph and boo
Autumn overture mixed media collage on c
February tree ink and watercolour with c
High field road watercolour and ink SOLD
Wild carrot pencil and ink SOLD
snail in the grass ink and watercolour
Tangled teasel ink and watercolour SOLD.
Winter tree ink and watercolour with col
Dorset Pebbles, ink drawing SOLD
At Osmington mills, drawing
Ice melt mixed media collage SOLD
Seeds pastel and charcoal drawing SOLD
Blue Moon lino cuts SOLD
Trees mixed media collage
Moon mixed media SOLD
By the pond mixed media collage SOLD
WELSH WOOD reduction lino cut
Hand pencil drawing