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A continuation of the narrative begun in my sketchbook drawings.

This ever fluid process allows me to continually explore the infinite qualities of paper in its many forms

both found & made, and its reaction with other materials. 

Nature's Rules
Colours of the Woodland
Rockpool (i)
Olive Branch
Poppy seeds & Pots (iii0
Poppy seeds & Pots (i)
Pots & Grass
Poppies, Pots & Pebbles
Poppy seeds & Pots (ii)
Pebble  Stories (ìì)_edited
The Road to Barrowden
Pere Fet  (i)
Pebble Stories
Unseen  Words _resized
First Arrivals _resized
Journey  _resized
Closely Woven  _resized
This World _resized
Our Earth _resized
Open Your Heart _resized
Nature's Book _resized
Moon Watching  (ii) _resized
Wild Wood _resized
White Trees _resized
Ideas _resized
A Song in her Heart_resized
Nature's Rules _resized
One _resized
Recycled _resized
The Whole  Earth _resized
Renewal _resized
Unseen by Yesterday _resized
A Song in her Heart_resized
J C Swallow (i) 2 _resized
Autumn overture mixed media collage on c
AUTUMN STORY  mixed media collage and bo
Rythmn of the wood ll - mixed media & co
Playful winds - mixed media collage
Woodland - mixed media
Hidden - Mixed media collage
Fragments lV - Mixed media collage
Fragmented l - Mixed media collage
Fragments V - Mixed media collage
Birchwood melody - mixed media collage
As I walk - mixed media collage
Woodlands V - mixed media & collage
Woodlands lV - mixed media & collage
Woodlands lll - mixed media & collage
Fragments X - mixed media & collage
Rythmn of the wood l - mixed media & col
Fallen - Mixed media & collage
Conscious mixed media collage
Edge Mixed media collage
Meditation mixed media collage
Light mixed media collage
Underwood mixed media collage
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