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PRINT MAKING & BOOKSlocal artist cambridgeshire

I use printmaking as an extension of both drawing & collage using linocuts, collograph & monoprint. The addition of words is my inner poet and making books is an extension of everything.


J C Swallow (i) 2 _resized
Unseen  Words _resized
Nature's Book _resized
First Arrivals _resized
Journey  _resized
Open Your Heart _resized
Our Earth _resized
This World _resized
POEM - mixed media collograph & book
Invitation - Mixed Media collograph and
Poetry - Mixed Media collograph and book
Journey - mixed media, collograph and bo
Unseen Words - mixed media, collograph a
Nature - mixed media, collograph and book
Open - mixed media, collograph and book.
Love & Hope -  mixed media collograph, c
Poem - collograph, monoprint and collage
Breathe - colograph, monoprint & collage
Dialogue - colograph, monoprint & collage
Oxygen - collograph, monoprint and colla
In flight lino cuts
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